Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5

chris tay

Hi all,
I hope you are all tinging together in sync
I read about all the worries and wondered
why there is so much angst. I had my implant and left the hospital that evening, no one informed me of any restrictions about cables
and mobility apart from, not driving with the scs switched on. I read the rather large manual and
got on with it, my only worry was showering to soon, so I covered the areas with plastic and tape
worked a treat.
Yes it was sore but that’s expected and it felt tight when moving it felt like the scs was attached to a tendon but it releases after a while.
I do not regret having it done as it has helped so much , I have reduced my drugs ratio by slow reduction, but there are times when I need to resort back to them as the scs just takes the edge off the pain and when one has flare ups
I end up back on full dosage, also I ave the scs on full wack as I loose the ability to walk, this is frequently occurs as the nerves get overloaded
during my flare ups, so its batton down the hatches time until the pain subsides.
I use a set and tried method a mix of tai chi and mind over matter when I can it works for me quite well.the annoying part is reducing the drugs again.
So do not worry as the scs plays its part although a rechargable would better.
As for the position of the scs avoid it being
placed at waist level or where it interferes with
belts etc, or try braces instead.
Cheers for now keep tinging .