Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


Thanks all
Amanda – the unit does not tell you if it is connected in that detail, it just bleeps until it ‘finds’ the stim & then stops. It is supposed to bleep differently when it is fully charged but I cannot get it to get to full charge. There were 3 bars at the beginning & I cannot get it above 2. I am beginning to stress there is something wrong with it. I guess it is a simple answer & I will have to wait until next week to find out, at least it is still working & I have tingling where it is needed so a minor problem compared to some!! I have been very careful again & things are settling!!

Rob – will turn my attention to my twitterings again for you…will do it this week. Glad you are on top form & looking ‘forward’ to the implant.

Caroline – sorry things are not brilliant & you are still in the dark about how to resolve things. Hopefully you will have more of an idea on the 21st. I have mine on pretty much all the time & although I do get some changes in stimulation, I think the secure paddle leads make this more predictable. This was the idea when the neurosurgeon went for this option. I am still waiting to reduce the meds & hope for more guidance after my follow up.

Here’s to keeping warm at the moment, even the dog wasn’t keen to go out today, so we didn’t, he didn’t even want to get up this morning!!
Liz xx