Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


Hi Guys and Happy New Year to all tinglers.
This is gonna have to be a really quick message as my neck and upper back are agony at the moment.I went back in Hospital on Sunday and had the new elecrtrodes done on Monday lunchtime.My Consultant came to turn my SCS on again on Monday evening and you’ve probably guessed it didn’t work yet again.Yeah I did burst into tears again at this point and my Consultant was really upset aswell.
He came back to see me on Tuesday just before they let me go home and he’s gotta re order some bits and bobs from medtronic as he thinks that it’s probably the lead that runs to the battery box (and could just have been that all along and not actually the electrodes themeselves but I guess that’s summit we’ll find out when I go back in again).
So now I’m waiting on a phone call from him as to when I go in again for the 4th operation on it.
Gotta go for now Guys as can’t sit here much longer.
love and hugs Kaz xx