Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


Hi Tinglers – Battery members, soon to be tinglers – whoever we are
A Very Happy New Year to you all. I hope all is well with most of us?
Rob – I have been told that it is best to wait to start reducing the fentanyl until after my 6 week check – but I am darn sure I will be trying to after then!!!! I have reduced the tramadol to virtually nothing – very pleased with myself there, but am still having to use paracetamol, but that is small fry!!
I was wondering how Kaz is getting on & Caroline as I know you were both having a difficult time. I am glad that you got your problems solved Fisher – I thought I had pulled my leads out the other day as I grabbed the dog when I thought he was going to run into the road….bad move!! The upper incision was swollen & sore for a good couple of days after but all has settled now – phew!!! That taught me to be more careful!!!
Anyway – hope you all have a pleasant evening what ever you are up to. Here’s to a decent 2009 to all of us.
Liz x