Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5



Was wondering how the ‘battery’ of SCS & DBS users are at the mo – hibernating? I see that Kaz is having a hard time & have posted seperately to her. Hope the soon to be members of the battery are well too?

Things are OK here – three weeks & 4 days since surgery & day by day things are more comfortable. I am finding I use the SCS almost 24/7 & already I wouldn’t be without it – my little friend. The pocket is still uncomfortable but I rang the clinic & was told it was early days. I have had times I have over done it & it tells me……so I have taken notice & am pacing again – still rubbish at it but learning.

I have had terrible trouble with pain in my other leg…aarrgh. The clinic reckon as I do as my problem leg feels easier I have done things differently & therefore the issues in the other leg have raised their ugly head. I did have changes on nerve conduction on both but one was never a problem. They are hoping to give me better coverage when I go back for follow up. I also have pain under my ribs – I do get this sometimes but as I do more – it surfaces… will settle again I’m sure. Overall the SCS is definitely worth it & once it is reprogrammed I hope it will be even better.

Well, hope all well with you all.
Liz x