Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


Hi all, back again. I thought I’d better add the flower to the picture, not knowing the yuk threshold of peeps on here lol.

Rob – The pic was taken about ten days post surgery and wounds were actually stapled as opposed to stitched – surgeon reckoned they resulted in less scarring.

Liz – I would have preferred mine higher but can’t stand anything under my bra strap.. lol and If I’d known he was going to shave me down the middle, I would’ve asked him to do the

I have used the charging belt and it is by far the best method. Had to use the sticky originally as I was awaiting delivery of the belt. I charge about once every 3 weeks at the mo to keep it topped up.

Re driving, I have been told to absolutely switch off beforehand and under no circumstances drive with it on. Any movement could trigger over stimulation and could result in foot stamping on pedals etc.

Perhaps as a group, should be known as a ‘charge’ of users or a ‘Stim’.

I hope everyone is coping as well as possible and will be able to enjoy xmas festivities.