Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5

Sweet Caroline

Hi folks,
Chris, Cheers for the ‘good vibrations’ lol I’m probably gonna sing that in my head now everytime I turn on my stim…lol.
Liz, Hope your still behaving and taking things easy, it will get frustrating soon when the wounds heal and you feel that you can do more but just remember you can’t be doing the hokey cokey at the xmas party this year…lol.
Nicky, I hope your rib pain has got better and your back on track with the physio.
Rob, Are you still on course for the implant in Feb?, hope your doing ok .
Im still getting the ‘jolts’ but im hanging in there and trying to work with it as best I can, hopefully it can be resolved and then Im going to try cut down some of the meds.
Best wishes to everyone I hope today is a good one.

Caroline xxx