Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5

chris tay

Hello all,
The tune is stuck in my head, “Good, Good, good
vibebrations, but there is no excitations , just loads of inner sensations, their giving me lesser
pain–annations and blocking out my limitations,”
something,something, the beach boys,I think.
It fades out then just like my scs.
I do hope as xmas is here that we have cheered
up a little. I sensed that I needed a jump start
to get going again and had lost my jumper leads
I wonder if we could get them as accessories with a suppresser that blocks out any interferance
Rob do you think if we all stood round a churn full
of milk with our scs’s on that we could create the worlds best milk shake.
I hope you are recovering well, my family and I are starting to get things back on track slowly but surely as we always do, as I hope you are
I read the vibebrating hen an c**k as the wife served up a snack of scrambled eggs on toast,
so we both just curled up with laughter, what a coincidence that was. It is said that laughter cures all ailments albeit only for a short while,
but it does shake of any depression.
Well its late in the morning 02.55 hrs, and the legs are starting to function again so Iam off to bed.
Take care all for now, night night