Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


Hi All – it’s good to read & a smile about the info posted on this thread.

Ross – please excuse my ignorance with your DBS – I had assumed it should tingle as well. I cannot imagine what it might be like if it did tingle. You are obviously the ‘tingle-free’ member!!!! How about Radio Caroline, always enjoyed that when it was pirate – can you still get that – not via your brain implant?

Rob – I haven’t felt the cold feeling, but I do get the odd shiver. I turned it off late last night, but early morning I was awake with the old leg pains again (too much sitting yesterday I think). I got up & moved, put the unit on fairly high & it did really help. Suffering more today though – UGH…..perhaps not the magical cure I keep hoping it is…..reality kicks in every now & again!!! Oh well – laptop & Jeremy Kyle for me this afternoon – Ha Ha. Hope you can get your bugs sorted & good news about the MRI date.

Chris – like the DAB story, am waiting to see what mine might effect & visa versa but nothing yet. It would be amusing to see what would happen if there was a group of SCS patients in the same room. My family have already wondered what would happen of they got hold of it – they are joking I think!!

Thought for the day: I wonder what the collective name is for a group of SCS patients ? I would have said a buzz, but Ross has spoiled that one…..

Hears to a reasonable day?
Liz x