Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


was thinking front left as despite my pain being in the right leg I also lie on it in the night. My back is how I lie most so I rarely lie on my left. Seems a logical location to me. Also I dont particularly want to use antenna communication as I see it as additional inconvenience. I tend to slouch rather than sit which I know is bad but that is about all I can manage without scs though that I would expect to improve. I have to phone tomorrow to arrange the MRI to check Hodgkins free and the implantation still stands for Feb. I am arranging with haemotology to work so that I am available anytime Feb when I see them in 10 days.” Full recovery ” is medically ” as good as YOU get” haha You never quite know ! PS got this stinking throat virus at the moment…replica of last years but explain all that sleep.