Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


Hi All Tinglers

Well its great to see a photo of what things look like post op….love the flower!!!

Just a few points i have about certain things…..when they say three months for recovery they mean it, the leads can take up to six months and the risk of migration or damage is always there even after this timescale. Certain movements like stretching overhead should be avoided to avoid the pull on those precious leads.
I am now 18 months post Bionics and still certain movements can cause me ouchful moments as the pull on the Box of the Stimulator tugs to remind me to take it easy.

As for driving at two weeks….take care Liz its very early days yet. You may find you need a pillow to protect the Stim from the seat.
I had and have a problem with seat belts when in a car and have to hold it away from my tum.

Insurance wise I was advised that if I was driving that my insurance would be void if I used the Stimulator while driving as any jolt or sudden movement can cause differing levels of Stimulation and may cause an accident. Having said this I cannot sit so driving is not an option!!!
Check it out though as I was told this by my Medtronic Rep.

Recharging should be done as far away as possible from the surgery date to allow for internal healing to take place. The belt is required to be worn tight to recharge so only do a little at a time as it wil be sore.

Best wishes