Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


Many apologies for not updating my progress but have had a personal drama involving my mother for the last few weeks and this has taken up a lot of my time, so haven’t been around much.

Liz – So glad to hear that you’ve had yours done and are feeling the ‘vibes’. The soreness will go and once you’ve had the unit tweaked let’s just say – “It’s a different world”.

Rob – Fantastic to hear that things are progressing for you too.

Caroline – I’ve also had a few jolts when changing position and am learning to compensate by turning the stim down prior to certain movements; it’s not ideal but it will do until March when I’m hoping to be fine tuned to a stable level.

Mine is still going well, although I am finding the recovery period tiresome. I’m now about half way through and if things continue like they are, I should be able to do more by new year.

I am sticking strictly to the instructions and my wife has permission to hit me hard if I so much as look like I’m going to perform any illegal manoeuvre.

Have had a few moments of soreness where the unit is placed and I’ve knocked it by accident or have laid on it when sleeping but I am learning to protect it when moving about.

I have to go back in March to see the surgeon so will get the tech to attend some more tweaking. I really need to have cover for my ankle and groin which are still bothering me a bit. The stim is almost there but not quite.

Again good luck and best wishes to all who are ‘stimmed’ or who are about to be.