Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


Good Morning All

Hope that all is well? I am doing well but slowly – have to make the most of the enforced rest, don’t get much opportunity really!!

Things are looking good – soreness persists but I can manage that with more paracetamol & being sensible, tiredness is a little surprising but I am just going with the flow, no sign of any bugs so that is GREAT, tingling in all the right places & I have a wonderfully warm left foot, for the first time in ages……..some sympathetic response I assume. I am looking forward to trying it with my ‘normal’ activity but will not be able to for a while. So far so good!!!

I have been wondering how Caroline, Fisher & others are getting on? If you have 5 mins it would be good to get your thoughts & to know that you are well?

Here’s to another quiet day – worse thing is the mobile signal in my area is down so that is quiet too – feel like billy-no-mates……how sad!!!! Here’s to more daytime TV – awful but I am staring at it!!!!! Here’s to you all for all your support & encouragement – thank you…..

Liz xx