Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


The scs thread is quiet tonight
The successes are all sleepy and content while I am still licking my wounds from the trial and poor Liz is in agony from the implantation. Dont worry Liz as I have been told that it only gets better from now on. Wish your life away fro a couple of months and make the family wait on you. A doc once told me to enjoy being ill…just lay back ! Not quite that easy but you look back as time goes on and all the surgery pain will be long gone. Nicky I found the trial gave me pure heaven on a low setting at night. The covers didnt hurt and I totally changed from my previous distorted sleep position to attempt comfort. That applied to sitting as well. I cheated with walking as I could change the setting by the tilt of my head haha. Didnt need that fancy controller. Understand that was because the electrodes are slack on trial. I WANT ONE NOW !!