Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5



I have never quite known exactly what your diagnosis is …nor would it help me that much. Suggestion is write to Dr Van Buyten at St Niklaas giving your symptoms and ask if he thinks he could help. Its a good starting point as you dont have to go any further and he will nay or yay ( bit like a horse haha) Information gathered make the next decision. He implants the second highest quantity per year of scs. He has few failures as he is honest and straight forward. Nothing ventured nothing gained. It will cost nothing and he will reply to e mail. Tens got my foot flat but it needed a lot of it…the sensations from scs arent the same and if you want descriptions…ask someone else. Funny the Belgians as now waiting for MRI and they did mine there as required straight away. Waiting lists arghhhhh !!!!!!