Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


Congrats Liz

Bionic at last…welcome to the gang and happy tingling to you!

Now its great that your hospital visit is over so let the real healing begin….and the gentle lecture from me – take things gently, write those Christmas Cards, catch up on some emails or phone calls and rest as comfortably as you can.
No lifting or bending or raising those arms…please!

Its great to hear that you have found your tingling in the right areas so hopefully life will be more comfy in a short while once the surgical scars are healed.

This has been a good news week, Rob had his successful Trial for the Stim and was accepted to have it implanted in early 2009. He is very happy about it and very patient as he knows that waiting for it will eventually give him a lifeline that will allow him to live more comfortably.

Maybe we should arrange a Bionic Gathering of Pain Support some time next year?


Amanda xx