Reply To: Spinal Stenosis


I saw my gp this morning and he gave me a thorough examination, moving my legs into certain positions,testing my reflexes etc. He was quite non commital about whether it is the spinal stenosis or whether its just wear and tear. He asked me if Id lifted anything heavy and as far as I know I havent. I do try to be careful as much as possible. He gave me codiene tablets and said I could also take paracetamol as well. He didnt mention me seeing a nuerologist again and I think I have to give it a try to see if it settles down. If it doesnt I will be going back though. I have been doing some of the phsyio excercises I was given and they do help to feel more comfortable. As the dr was examining me I was wincing in pain as I was on my back so I think he knows its bad.