Reply To: Spinal Stenosis


Hiya Redjune

I just wanted to pop in and say I had surgery in July this year and I to am free of the pain I had before the op, however I have a different painjust like you. Its not as painful and its in my back,hip area and it gets worse when I am in one position for too long (standing,sitting or even lying down). I was told when I went for my op that I would always have some back pain and that if I kept doing the physio exercises it would help. I have to say sometimes the physio does help and sometimes it does not. I have phoned the spinal team and said it is only expected as it can take anything upto 18 months for the nerve to recover from an op like this. So I just take pain killers if it gets too bad and I am keeping my fingerscrossed that it doesnt get any worse, but I must say its better than the pain I had before the op.

I was wondering if you went to the doctors and what they said to you, I would agree with the person who said see if you can get a referral back to the surgeon as they may be able to help. Please let us know how you got on lovie