Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator Part 13


hi all
Rob thanks for messaging me i havent had any internet for a couple of days so i have just replied
mark Caroline and Woody its great to hear your good news and that you are all heading on the way to have some decent pain relief. harrison its good to hear you are doing so well so soon after the op i will soon be asking you all advice soon as i will be starting again.
Steph i had a long chat with the surgeon yesterday and he said that if there is any way what so ever of not touching the electrodes then they would rather leave well alone because there is no guarantee they will be able to get any stimulation due to the indentation and scar tissue that builds up around the previous electrodes. however if there is no other option then it can be done. Its pretty time consuming and very invasive as they have to expose the spinal cord and remove some bone and then chip away slowly gently easing the electrodes off the spinal cord.
i had some xrays to see if the electrodes had lifted or broken but nothing has shown up. There is a small possibity that there may be some fluid in the connection from when i was switched to the rechargaable so hes going to take me in as a day patient and have a look at that 1st and if that is all ok then he will take me in again and go ahead an replace it all. He has told me that he will try and get me in asap and he has done plenty and they have all gone well so i will put my trust in his hands
and let you know what happens