Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator Part 13


Hey Mark, Caroline, and Woody – I feel so excited for you all, on the journey, as I am sure Rob does too. Your post made me laugh Mark – I never thought about when you die, but then more recently read something that said it has to be removed – probably would explode on cremation or something – or perhaps they like to recycle them? eugh, yuck! Anyway, I wont know anything about it, so not my problem!!!!
Woody – yes it does hurt a lot, mainly because the wire threads through muscles etc and as you move, its like something is impeding your every movement. I found this made it a little hard to evaluate the trial as I had the extra pain from the wire insertion. However, increased meds is definitely the answer, which the hospital did for me too.
Caroline – leg pain is definitely the big thing it covers. I have low back and hip pain too and they have managed to spread the signal a bit to cover hip but nothing in my back, but that was as expected. Some find it covers more widely (my electrodes are slightly wrongly positioned which doesnt help).
Woody – hope your stay in hospital is OK – are you allowed out? This would help to evaluate it properly – for example, I needed to try sitting for a meal, walking etc. Good luck with the main implant – its nice that you dont have a wait in between for another slot – as when they take it away after the trial, its horrid!
Best of luck to you all and keep posting! Steph