Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator Part 13


Hi all, recovery going very well! Went out for a gentle stroll today – gentle and short but was a good start! Bowel problem sorted and that has helped a great deal. The tingling is just fantastic! Going to get wounds checked tomorrow and maybe stop for coffee and cake on the way home – have convinced myself that cake is necessary for my recovery!
Re: buttock v abdomen debate, mine isn’t really in what I would call my buttock, it is about an inch below my waist but in my back suppose time will tell if this is comfortable or not.
I would agree with Steph this is painful but not the end of the world, I am getting about the house fine and have managed a trip to my mums (she only lives 10 mins away.) As others have said anything I can help with (as an official tingler now!) please feel free to ask. Hope all have a good night x