Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator Part 13


hi all
Harrison im glad the op went ahead and you are now a fellow tingler just make sure you rest up and take it easy. I can really sympathise with you regarding the constipation and stomach pain as due to the amount of opiates i take i very rarely manage to empty my bowels. I am currently seeing a gastroentrologist who has put me on 5 different laxatives which sometimes work. The ones that seem to be the most effective are Bisacodyl tablets and one called manevac which are granules containing fibre and senna. Im not sure if you can buy them over the counter but if not it might be worth giving your gp a call to see if he can give you something stronger.
Caroline if you decide to go ahead with the scs and you dont want the implant in your buttocks you will need to let the consultant know. For some reasons in the last 2 years they seem to have changed their mind they always used to place the implant in the chest or torso but now they seem to want to place it in the buttocks.