Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator Part 13


Harrison, so good to hear you are up and running. Phoneand ask to speak to the programming team for a quick run through again. I have a Precision device which I dont think Walton use. My husband was there when they went through it all which was good – as you ay, its a morphine haze after the op! You’ll soon get used to the controls don’t worry.
Re: abdomon vs buttock – I am also very slim, and only 5ft, but am sooooo glad I pushed and insisted on front. It doesnt interfere with my ribs at all, its lower than that. I wear hipster jeans as high waistbands tend to rub a bit, but I couldnt have coped with it in the abdomen. I spend a lot of time laying out, and also use a heat pad which I couldnt have with the unit in my buttock, so do bear all this in mind future SCSers. The incision wasnt that long (I wasnt told it would be big – I think its just a little more complicated for them during the surgery thats all!
The morning of ?s and presentation sounds a great idea. Ask lots, nothing is too silly!
Good luck all, and Nicky so sorry things are “dead” with the unit, hope you get the new surgery soon. Best wishes to all, Steph
PS: Harrison, please dont be fed up if you are in a lot of pain and discomfort for a while, it will pass I promise and keep up the extra meds. Movicol is great for the constipation – GP needs to prescribe.
PPS: Mark, after the trial you are just a bit sore, so a day or so would be all you would need, or possibly a few as you are in the teaching world.