Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator Part 13


Morning all – tingling nicely! Thanks for your advice Rob- feel so stupid that I can’t remember what the Rep told me, it is just a fog!! Have managed to charge myself and change the program, so getting there.
Do have a problem with constipation – haven’t managed to open bowel since the operation and now getting really bad stomach pains. Have taken three doses of laxative but nothing! Any suggestions?
Devon – I wanted the battery in the front but the surgeon advised against. Said that as I am slim it would rub against my ribs so have it in my lower back and it seems fine at the min. Bit of a faff trying to get the paddle in the right place but think that will get easier as I become more familiar with things and can move easier.
Day 3 and still in lots of pain, can’t get comfy no matter what I try! Husband bought me my new best friend – a grabber and have had great fun tormenting the dog with it! Unbelievable how many things I have managed to drop!
So excited for the future – bit shocked that when I saw my GP yesterday he signed me off work for three months and said that would be just the start -would need more time off after that! But determined to do this right so will just do what he says!
Hope you get the answers to your questions at the meeting – I would have loved that opportunity, Rob has been my main source of information (Thanks again Rob!!)
Have a good weekend all (hopefully as pain free as possible) xx