Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator Part 13


Hello Everyone, I joined this thread in June )-Thank you for your kind and helpful comments then but have found it almost impossible to use the computer since as my sitting and standing ability is maximum 5 minutes each. I had a fusion of L4/L5 and a year later decompression at levels L3/L4 L5/S1. I take Pregabalin, Amitiptyline co-codamol, but life still very limited by numbness, tingling which if ignored leads to pain in buttocks and legs.

I and I don’t know how many others; have now been invited to an Educational Morning with the pain Consultant and Technician from Boston Precision Instruments to see if we want to proceed with a trial and implant. There will be opportunity for questions. Would you mind giving me some advice as to what I should ask? I am a bit concerned that they say they do both the trial and the implant as day cases. Implant is into buttocks, no mention made of an alternative.

Really would appreciate your input. I too really admire your perseverance and cheerfulness. Very best wishes to all, and hope you did get a good night’s sleep

Caroline (Devon)