Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator Part 13


Hi all
Harrison i hope the op went ahead and that everything went well for you. Hopefully you are not in too much pain and will be getting some benefit from it very soon.
Today my remaining 2 electrodes have gone on the blink. At the moment when i move in certain positions i get a boost of stimulation and then nothing at all so i should imagine it will go off completely very soon. I feel like the decision to have it replaced has been taken out of my hands as before i still had a sensation and even though it wasnt completely in the right place i was some how getting through. However now that i dont have any sensation i am really struggling so i will be asking them to apply for funding and i will just hope and pray that it is the right decision.
Rob how are you doing now have you recovered from your recent replacement. and Steph i hope your ok too
sending my best wishes to everyone else Nicky x