Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator Part 13


Wow Harrison, thats fantatic news – an early Christmas present! I had mine at this time of year and you kind of feel less fed up being stuck in when the weather is naff! I do hope they have a bed, keep positive and will say a little prayer for you. I didnt want to go in the day before, but I was told if you do, then you are less likely to be cancelled as you are already there, whereas a lady that came in on the day (local, which I wasnt) was cancelled an hour after arriving. Its rather boring the day before, few odd checks then left on your own, but its a means to an end. Take lots of good books – I read the whole Harry Potter series during and after my implant, the Twilight books are also a good read, or anything to take your mind off the waiting. Very exciting, good luck!