Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator Part 13

chris tay

The SCS implants is in my mind the best thing to have, as drugs have too many side affects & only cause more problems. I will always take the risk of having an implant rather than live in pain & deppression every second of the day/night .
I have learned now to live with pain even with the implant it can only help so much, I know it sounds silly to some, once I excepted the pain instead off fighting it all the time, I sort of live alongside it in a way & have found out it can be controlled to a certain amount.This is where my scs helps although it is not working very well it helps & I cannot wait to get it sorted out properly, as it is low in power now & need replacing. The wires are always a problem ,like any metal it stresses & fractures due to continuous movement especially where the sensor pads are more rigid. Unless the cables were faulty at first, who knows.
I have had my scs implant about five/six years now & have had adverse affects in the fact that my fibrosis has impeded the sensor pads, thus reducing the stim’s effects, a recalibration has helped somewhat, but I have raised my remote to full power to help, although it has minimum I said before I would not hesitate to have a new implant even with the risks involved.

All the best for now