Reply To: nerve problems


Doreen, the rnid was very helpful, but before that it Dr Steven Naglers American Tinnitus and Hyperacusis site really did the trick for me, but sadly the site closed. I overcome most of my tinnitus prob then, some 3 years ago, but all the medicated drugs since then just throw you back into the arena again, and pain does its bit to heighten these noises.
I used to be very stressed out, flew up in the air over little things, tinnitus tought me to suppress all that, and then block it out, i apply the same principle to nerve pain since there appears to be no adequate instant painkiller i can take for it. If i never get this whole mess i appear to be in sorted, i would still love to consider the period of its happening as one of my most fondest memories for having made the aquaintence of you guys, you really are a lovely bunch