Reply To: nerve problems


Hi Bazzer glad you`v made some friends through r. n. i. d can`t have to many friends as they help us through when life gets tough, don`t know what i would do without painsupport we become like a family. I know it is impossible to wear h.aids during the night have tried it. I have had abought 24 nerve blocks to the back of my head to help with my pain in head & face, have you tried these for your neck pain. afraid i cant have anymore due to being on wafarin because of the bleeding dont know how i will get through without them. going back to deafness 10 days ago i thought i was having a nightmare as i was being pushed & shaken it was 9am & when i came to it was to find it really happening, a nurse & house manager had been shouting at me not knowing i was deaf . the nurse wanted to take some blood but the annoying thing was a nurse had taken it the day before,, talk abought getting their wire`s crossed.