Reply To: nerve problems


Di. It’s uncanny, and I’ve mentioned it before,how you and I have such similar problems. Yes Its so tiring shouting at my husband with his deafness but it does have it’s funny sides as well. I shourted down the stairs to him one day “Has the post been” and he shouted back up” How many pieces do you want”. That;s the Gods honest truth. There are many other funny things and then there are the times when he’s turned nasty thinking I’d said something which he feels has offended him, and I haven’t at all, its just something he;s misheard. He goes in the front room of an evening because we clash on programmes. He has subtitles on all the time.
But it does get tiring especiallly when you’re trying to cope with the excrutiating nerve pain I; ve got at the moment. You wonder how you cope. Can cope if I stay in bed all day. Just had 2 diazipam to try and relax muscles but they don;t seem to be working… Anyway anoher day, same pain.Have to get used to it I quess.