Reply To: nerve problems


My sympathy Abbey. I too have a deaf husband who won’t wear his aids. I find it so tiring shouting at him all the time and have to shut him in another room with his own TV because I can’t stand the noise. He won’t even wear headphones and now he’s started shouting because he can’t tell how loud his voice is. It gets embarrassing in public.I sort of understand because i was given one when i had temporary hearing loss and it made everything sound robotic and tinny. I couldn’t stand it. Silly thing is my gran was totally deaf yet I had no problems with her. Shouting was useless so we had to combine lip reading with hand signals. Working in a spinning mill made her deaf but at least they all learned to lip read, mouth words clearly and what they called “tic tac” with hand signals. The old folks round here still talk with their hands and mouth their words.