Reply To: nerve problems


Kev, with this type of thing i’ve reacted to it before, that just worsened things, there was no help last night, i have to control the situation, i sat down with all my money probs and focussed on them, for the better of others, and that, plus clasic fm got me through the night.
Sorry, when i mention i know better than the docs i was referring to this tarlov cyst i have, my 2 doctors have never even heard of one, that doesn’t exactly help. When you mention what particular women go through, they are doing it for a purpose, they hopefully know that, i don’t honestly know whats going on with me, it could even be viral, affecting my joints, nerves, whatever, i’ve had stacks of tests, its ust rapidly worsening, i have to relax into it, let it happen, like tinnitus, and when i hopefully get my strength up again try to self diagnose, and try to seek the right help, your average g.p.can refer, or advise gabapentin, pregabalin etc..but i want to know why its happening, and after 2 years i’ve got nowhere,