Reply To: nerve problems


Hi Kev, no doctor, would have been up half the night waiting, similarly A&E, on a saturday night, heaven forbid. Had so many probs, never any diagnosis, i know more than the docs. I do have a cyst on my lower spine, that can press on any nerve groups causing chaos, consultant wouldn’t even take that into consideration, but they did want me to have lumbar punch, i declined, i was insistent on knowing the people performing this, and the level of hygeine involved, never got there.
Even if they did it, and it was the cyst, its inoperable, the spinal chord runs right through it. Had masses of blood tests but this prob is so agressive, calling a doctor out he wouldn’t have a clue, they want me in a london clinic, no idea when, yold them i’ll probably never be able to make it, like i say, its a lovely day