Reply To: St Thomas&#39s pain management course


Hi Jane i went on the 4 week inpatient programme in1995 soon after it opened. At the time i dont think i was in the right frame of mind to at the age of 28 i was still looking for my miracle cure which obviously isnt out there. The thing that improved the most with me being on it was i did become a bit more active and managed to cut dwn my meds. But once you finish the course its so difficult trying to maintain things by yourself.
Anyway it has been 18 years since the course an i am worse then ive ever been i have had a furthur 2 fusions and scs implanted and the most recent fusion has given me really bad nerve pain in my leg as the surgeon misplaced the metal work.
i could really do with going on it again
to be honest but i dont know if they allow anyone to do it twice.
But goodluck with it u will hopefully pick up tips on pacing relaxation and reducing your meds an i hope it helps you cope if you want any more information please dont hesitat to contact me take care Nicky