Reply To: Denervation, painful?


Hi Steph,
I have seen that thread.

The Jivebiker name comes from my hobbies of motorcycling, and Modern Jive dancing, neither of which I have been able to do for a couple of years now, due to the pain.

I am established on 4 x 600mg Gabapentin daily, the highest dose I can tolerate, and am starting Fentanyl patches in about an hour.

Although I was retired due to I’ll health in June, my pension provider is refusing my incapacity pension application on the grounds that their doctor is of the opinion that my condition will improve with treatment. It’s longer and more complex than that in reality, but that’s the gist of it.

I have been told my condition is permanent and will probably get worse, the pensions doctors think otherwise.

I’m currently in the process of appealing the decision, and getting medical evidence to back up my case.

It feels like I’m being pushed towards having the denervation again, to prove one way or the other if it will work. I don’t want my pain to get worse again, but I need the pension.
I would love my pain to go away, but I think I would hate it to get worse even more…. It’s like “Deal or No Deal”.
I have found research that shows if a denervation has failed once it will fail again (in 100% of case studies). The pensions people have ignored this entirely.

Stress on top of pain… just what I need.

Hopefully the Fentanyl will without zombifying me.