Reply To: Denervation, painful?


Hi Jivebiker (great name!)

I work on the Backcare Helpline and so have spoken to a number of people who have been through denervation and it does seem that it is, as you have found, a very painful procedure. It also seems to have a long recovery time before any possible success is felt, and causes pain increases during the recovery. However, for some it seems to be a real answer, though does seem to need to be repeated as the nerves can re-grow.

I dont blame you for not wanting to go through it again!

If you search under “denervation” you should find some previous threads as a couple of years a lovely chap called Ali had multiple denervations and there were a number of postings about it, which you might find useful to read.

Sorry it hasn’t worked for you, but personally I find that if I dont try these things, I would always be left wondering what if, so we go into these treatments hoping for the best and sadly not always get results.

Hope there may be other options for you now? Steph