Reply To: art therapy and writing


Not art, but a creative therapy – I find sewing is a good distraction for my pain, and can do it lying on my heatpad and as and when I am able. I usually sew little felt toys, christmas tree ornaments etc. I also do patchwork (cushion covers etc), and used to do cross stitch. All helps to pass the time and distract the mind, though do have to remember to not be stuck in the same position all the time if I get absorbed in a certain project! Also, its nice to have something to show for my time, and to give away.

I made a whole load of tree deccies during October/November, and then the kids’ school sold them for a school they partner in Uganda and we raised about £70, which gave me a real sense of worth (something I dont get very often as Im unable to work due to pain).

I’d love to learn to draw/paint properly too.