Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 15


I attended at the stated time, the gp I met was attentive but hadnt got a clue about stimulators etc….. I presented her with my medical history even though it is very colorful! She was interested as such and felt where my stim was and the scars etc..My problem was investigated thoroughly however the good old NHS cant provide for me…a waiting time of 4 weeks to see a consultant to prescribe a CT scan….because I cant have ultrasound…with a further wait of 11 weeks for the actual scan let alone the cost of seeing the consultant….the private option is to wait four weks to see a consultant then wait a further 6 weeks to ahve the scan…the cost of the consultant privately is £250 plus the scan of £985…..arghhh.
Even though we are way behind in Ireland it is cheaper for me to fly back to Ireland on Thurs and have a scan on Friday….then ask my GP to refer me to see a Gynae etc which will cost me E55 but either way I have better chances…that is the choice I will take… who days that the days of free travel and free health issues are part of the EU….i dont think so!!!