Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 15


Not an easy answer for you Pip. It should have been sorted out from the outset. Unfortunately that delays the proceedure as it is handled by staff who have no idea what scs is let alone how it relates to what they are doing. I made sure everyything was ok and it delayed the proceedure by six months and in the end it was apparent still nobody in the department had any idea at all. The consent form is the critical stage and if you feel insecure make sure it is written on it. Problem is that it may well delay the scan. They are the proffessionals and it is upto them. If they delay it it is because they do not know and who wants a scan done by someone who doesnt know when and where to use it. BIG Problem and sorry you are in the middle. In my case I was an ideal Gov example of that it took so long I was healed anyway. It probably cost more money though.