Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 15


I would never claim to know that much about scs other than the practical side of it. Most doctors have never seen scs or know anything about it and nor do they want to. Drs that work with scs do and the people that work with them. Suppliers Reps are there to sell and back up the sale of equipment though some go a stage further. The reason is that the Companies that supply are after a market and the NHS are large purchasers. They manufacture all types of medical equipment and they are there to look obliging, supporting and to sell more scs and more importantly other products. They are “Reps”. I have yet to find a Dr or Rep that has any practical experience of scs. That is a huge gap in information processing for them. Like many early cancer treatments it is A+B=C so it is a seller. Aand B arent identifyable to the Dr or the Rep other than by statistical information from patients. That makesthe patient the most important part of the technology as they are the only people who truly understand what it does. All a bit insecure and that part is down to the user