Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 15


In short no I didnt have the diathermy or atleast crossed it off the consent form after a complete sham of converstaion with the DR who was to do the tests. He simply hardly spoke English and knew nothing about me or the equipment he was using. The Ward Sister brought me back as I was walking away and we agreed to the colonoscopy for visual use only. The Dr said that the equipment was not Bipolar which is ok but the Ward Sister said it was and at that point I was concerned that I had a Dr that admitted he knew nothing about scs and didnt know what his equipment was either. It is ok to have bipolar diathermy. It had taken six months to establish that with my hospital and the whole thing was quite bizarre. I was asked by the Sister to write a letter of complaint but I had enough troubles without adding to them. When seen later by the main Consultant I did say that I had a communication problem with the DR concerned and he shrugged and said ” Didnt we all…he has left” So there was always a way round to do the proceedure and their equipment was established safe for me. Whether or not the DR did as he was supposed to I have no idea but I suspect that he did things as he always did and probably used diathermy anyway but it was bipolar. I am particularly careful with all proceedures as I am very scs dependant and it took me a long time to get there. Protective of my baby!