Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 15


I hope it goes well later in the month Paul and your problems get sorted. It has been a reactive week this week on this thread and I have learned to be cautious . Ask when you go as at the end of the day the”Provider” of the system is ultimately responsible for the individuals welfare not the people that follow down the line. My advice to all is whatever the proceedure that we go for with other things that it is clearly noted that they are informed that scs is implanted. That way we have covered our own backsides and the rest can argue amongst themselves. None of us want to be the scs dead guinea pig as my experience is regardless of cost they can take a long time to replace. Steph if I were you ( which I am not) I would insist on CT as your clinic giving ultrasound is highly unlikely to have a clue. I had all this last year with diathermey and other than the Ward Sister who came on on the day none of them accepted responsibility for making decisions. Wow Paul you created a hot seat without realisng it but we are entitled to be informed and it is a “modern” idea when in business that we let disasters happen and say oops afterwards and let the Courts sort it out too late. Stay safe