Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 15


Bear in mind that the people using the devices may have detailed info on how to keep it away from the device. A dentist drill is not close to a lot of implanted devices for eg. Physio wise they have a call number and they can get accurate measurements on how far the device has to be away. The important part is that all unconnected health treatment providers are aware. So far I have only had problems with physio bystanding equipment and diathermy. If my cancer returns and I need treatment I would have the scs removed. I am amased all this was not covered but maybe because of my chequered health history they took more time to explain. Dont worry about the removal on death Steph. Dont tell anyone and go out with a bang! Doubt they fine the relatives. Its an awareness rather than making it an obsession that is required I think. If I havge missed anything off the table apologies and take nothing as complete.