Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 15


Steph and other Tinglers

I agree totally that when you are bieng implanted they should give you a plain mans version of what is said in the manual.

The one thing to come out of this conversation is that a stimulator is not a simple method of helping with pain and if its helping you then you need to be careful of any potential risks.
I would not be without mine for any money on Earth.
Personally I have experienced a few odd jolts from my mobile phone, cordless phone and a security post in a shop so now I dont keep my phone/s anywhere near me and I am very wary going through shop security posts.
I think that if you have a rechargeable stimulator then the risks are higher due to the power of the battery pack inside you.

Oh well there are some tricks to living with a stimulator but its much better than none