Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 15


Hi Steph My manual says
Use of high output u;trasonics or lithotripsy is not recommended if you have an implanted neurostimulation system. If lithotripsy must be used the beam should not be focused within 15 cms (6ins) of the neurostimulator.
Bear in mind they will have other techniques but clarify before you sign the consent form. Also ensure other equipment used in the same room is safe as there are some rooms that use equipment that can cause damage although they are not being used on you. All they do is turn it off. Just as awarning physio wards have machines that have to be switched off and they are normally labelled ” Inform staff if you have a pacemaker” My last investigation was a mess as the doctor didnt understand English and in the end the ward Sister came and helped with the consent form. Bear in mind your device may not be the same as mine. It is a pity that I cannot post the manual as I notice Lea is now finding things out that she hasnt been made aware of. The major problem is diagnostic equipment but for most things there are alternatives and in a crisis they will remove it so it isnt really life threatening. Good luck with the outcome of your tests.