Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 15


I think you are partly right Nikki and my new manual is a little more relaxed than my original. Mainly in distances which have decreased. I would like to know what exactly the restrictions are for and then it would be easier to understand. I think the distance for cable is now 8cms which isnt all that of a problem. Magnetic fields will vary greatly from cable to cable depending on the current they are taking. On that principle a hair dryer running on max heat will have a greater magnetic field fromthe cable than one on low heat. I suspect that they use the optimum as a warning. I do know that a lot of scs problems at Walton are caused by magnetic fields either wiping the programs or the whole ipg. When mine failed it was the first question asked. I will try and find out more as we both know mbeing without isnt much fun. I hope that they get you sorted out soon and tuesday brings good news