Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 15


To be honest i think sometimes they can over the top now on things to avoid with the scs as when i 1st had it put in in 1998 they were fairly new and there were hardly any things listed to avoid other than things containing a strong magnetic field like airport barriers and mri scanners. But due to a few safety issues over the years they are now going completely over board the other way and warn you to avoid so many things. I think some things are common sense obviously now steph sees she has a probblem with her heat cushion she will im sure avoid it at all costs but i use my hair dryer and lap top near my scs every single day and have never had a problem. Maybe im being stupid taking chances but personally i feel as long as you are sensible and stay away from things containing a very high magnetic force then i dont thing everyday electrical items seem cause to many problems.
Rob the new ipg sounds great but unfortunately they wont be replacing my scs only the wires. My boston scientific is here to stay at the moment
I still have no news re the funding as far as i know the application for funding still hasnt been sent off as the scs clinic dosent re open til tuesday but i shall be on that phone Tuesday morning to give them another kick up the butt .
an Steph like the others say i stick to my good old wheaty bag or the heat plasters for the warmth but it sounds like you should steer clear of your heat device take car everyone Nicky xxxxxxx