Reply To: Inflammed Bowel.


I annemarie. Yes I do watch literally everything I eat and have done for years. I know what caused this floare up, it was through taking a couple of aspirin and havin a cup of brewed coffee. Its like everything else, once the pain subsides a bit you’re inclined to slip back and forget just how bad it was (those of yoiu who’ve had kids will know what I mean). Still in pain but not as bad as it was.
Didn;t know they were starting an ME clnic in Broadgreen. I only live 5 minutes from there. Fed up doing the rounds after all these years.I just go to bed when I,m in a lot of pain now. At the end of the day they;ve more or less told me there’s nothing they can do. My ME and Fibro started in the 80;s when we were all tagged with Yuppie Flu. At last they’re starting to acknowledge it nowexists which is a bonus for those just contracting it. Bestof luck with it anyway.