Reply To: Inflammed Bowel.


Thanks Di, will keep that in mind. Last lot I was given where the latter ones you mentioned (cant spell the word). Like you my adhesions feel as thouh my stomach is stuck to my back. In agony when trying to walk. After the bad bout of inflamed bowel last week and spending time in bed,and my le swelling and painful, GP sent me to local walk in centre last night. They said my blood count was up and I would have to go to hospital today to have a leg scan for DTV, but not before g iving me a jab in stomach to see me over night. I said they wouldnt find anything as they never do and was true to my word after struggling to get to hospital.(although my daughter took me). Knew they wouldnt find anything but just wonder why my blood count was abnormal. Not bothering to find out – I’ve had enough. Cant stand on left leg as its far too painful, my left buttock that is. Anyway they g ivin me a walking stick, which doesnt help, but I can always do a Charlie Chaplin impersonation when necessay!! (or maybe not.ha ha)